Path to Leadership

Path to Leadership Program

The team at Camp Hobbit Hill strives to help our campers grow and mature on the path to leadership.  We believe emphasizing skill development through participation in a variety of team-led activities is an important part of our leadership program.

The Path to Leadership program at Camp Hobbit Hill helps campers become more confident in their own abilities by enhancing their knowledge base and adding to their skill set through group activities including:

  • Handling both failure and success gracefully and ideas on how to move forward.
  • Team sports and games.
  • Confident communication and creative writing.
  • Encourage optimistic thinking.
  • Encourage and assist in reading development skills.
  • Participate in development of empathic skills.

The Path to Leadership program at Camp Hobbit Hill includes optional participation in ‘groundwork with horses.’  Campers are able to experience a direct connection with the horses and see how their ‘silent’ language and self presentation can have a direct impact.  The in-the-moment feedback is invaluable.

Please inquire for our special rates.  All sessions run contiguously with our regular equine summer camp program.  Path to Leadership participants are invited to participate in regular camp activities, including the art program.  Individual riding sessions may be packaged separately as well.

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