Happy Campers

Happy Campers

Happy Campers at Camp Hobbit Hill Enjoy a selection of outdoor activities, arts exposure, and gain leadership skills. Some of our campers even choose to specialize in a focus area such as riding or horsemanship

A Full Day of Camp Activities

…campers will enjoy a full day of activities, some may even choose to specialize in one area. Here are some of our amazing activities:

Arts • Bowling • Campfire • Ceramics • Crafts • Dancing and Theater • Games • Hiking and Trail Riding • Horse Shows • Movies • Nutrition and Culinary Skills • Obstacle Course • Outdoor Field Games • Overnight “Camp-Out” • Physical Fitness • Pottery • Riding • Self Defense • Survival Skills • Tubing • Video • Water Games • Water Slide • Yoga • Zip Lines



Visitation Program

For some children, coming to a sleep-away camp for the first time requires a period of adjustment.  Sometimes children get homesick, most a little bit, some a lot.  We at Camp Hobbit Hill are sympathetic to this problem and we try to facilitate the period of transition so that they can take advantage of and enjoy the full camp experience. Most campers get over their anxieties in a few days to a week.
We at Camp Hobbit Hill prefer to err on the side of safety and comfort and allow campers to communicate freely with parents.   If a camper is homesick we will place a follow up call to parents as well to let you know how things are progressing.  We can guarantee, if they continue to feel sad, a sympathetic adult will sit with them for as long as it takes until they are ready to go back and join their roommates. If the problem does not subside, we will call the parent and let them know.

 Restful Sleep

It is most important that campers have a restful and peaceful night sleep so that they can face the days challenges with energy, vim and vigor.  To insure that objective, we air condition our dorms so that their sleeping environment is thermodynamically controlled and allergens and dirt are filtered out of the air.  We don’t have to teach them any lessons about toughing it out by twisting and turning on hot and sweaty sheets all night long so that they are exhausted in the morning.  Children today grow up in comfortable, clean, pest free, and temperature-controlled environments. We mean to keep it that way so that they can approach the day with vigor and drive.  
Our brand new dormitory consists of four large temperature-controlled rooms. Each room has it’s own bathroom with a separate toilet area, two sinks and a shower. The structure is U-shaped with exits pointing toward a central screened-in atrium which will be monitored.  There will be a counselor assigned to each room and one to monitor the central atrium to which all rooms exit.


Campers who eat well, feel well and play well.  All meals are thoroughly planned to make sure that the camper gets the nourishment they need so that they have the energy to face the day.  The rules of common sense and moderation apply.  Balance is the key!
Campers will enjoy three full meals daily, along with afternoon snacks and an evening canteen.  Meals are prepared with an emphasis on organic ingredients.  Campers are served lean proteins, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grains.  Fish will be plentiful with less of an emphasis on red meat.  Gluten-free and vegetarian diets available.  Please do not hesitate to hesitate to talk to us about special dietary needs.

Religious Services (nondenominational)

Gatherings are optional for campers and transport can be arranged for outside religious services