Dates and Rates

Dates and Rates ~ Everything you need to know!

Below are the camp rates for the summer. For your convenience, we have created multiple sessions to give you the flexibility of fitting in summer vacation plans with camp.  We have also taken special effort to keep the rates affordable without compromising the quality of the camp experience.

2020 Camp Dates



Main Camp Encompasses each of the Hobbit Hill activities and allows campers to try each activity without committing to a specific program. Campers may add on different packages along with their registration, add-on packages may become full at the time of camp. Please contact camp regarding our pre-camp dates (contact us).

13 Day Camp – $1,895
MC1- 6/14-6/26 13 days
MC2-6/28-7/10  13 days
MC3-7/12-7/24 13 days
MC4-7/26 -8/7 13 days

6 DAY CAMP – $895
MC1A-6/14-6/19  6 days
MC4A- 8/2-8/7 6 days



The Riding and Horsemanship program focuses on developing riding skills and furthering horsemanship abilities, campers may sign up for the show program or lease a horse during their session. This is a riding and horsemanship intensive session. Please e-mail us for add-on opportunities. Horse Shows are an add-on option and are the goal of our longer programs. Advanced and Intermediate riders may add-on the advanced riding package to enjoy extra clinics and advanced opportunities. Please contact camp regarding our pre-camp dates (contact us).

13 Days – $2,750
RP1- 6/14-6/26
RP4-7/26 -8/7

27 Days – $5,395
RP12 6/14-7/10
RP34 7/12-8/7

Add-On Options:

  • In House- Show ($200)
  • Off Property Multi-Day Show ($550-$850)
  • Off Property Single Day Show ($250-$350)
  • Advance Off Property and Rated Shows ($ Contract Basis)
  • ‘bring your own horse’, limited availability, contact us for rates
  • Advance Clinic Add-On (available for Riding Program only) $500 (4 sessions) and $1,000 (8 sessions)


“OVERNIGHT CAMP” (rate $2,250)

The Arts Program focus on finding ‘our inner artist’ through creative arts such as pottery and painting, campers will also participate in the Hobbit Hill Performance Arts initiative. Campers have the option to add-on additional Riding Packages at the time of registration.

Dates: 13 Day Camp
AP1- 6/14-6/26
AP4-7/26 -8/7

Add-On Riding Options:

  • Riding Package (4) For Main Camp and Arts Program 6 Day Sessions $200
  • Riding Package (9) For Main Camp and Arts Program 13 Day programs $415
  • In House- Show (must select a riding package) ($200)


DAY CAMP” (rate $365)

Hobbit Hill Day Camp is a weekday program for those campers looking for a general camping program, with Lunch included. Campers will sample each of the Hobbit Hill activities and may add-on the Day Camp Riding /Horsemanship Package to enjoy extra time with the horses. Day Camp Runs from 9-2 with Limited Early drop-off and Late Pick up options available by reservation.

(Day Camp is a weekday program M-F)
DC1 6/8-6/12
DC2 6/15-6/19
DC3 6/22-6/26
DC4 6/29-7/3
DC5 7/6-7/10

Day Camp Riding Add On $145

*(Day Camp is a weekday program M-F)

out of camp activities

  • Bowling – $35
  • Fun Zone (movies, museums, etc.) – $35
  • Off-Site Horse shows – $550-$800, all inclusive fee for 2-day overnight show
  • Outdoor Day Trip – $150
  • Tubing – $65
  • Zip lines – $75


Hobbit Hill offers a tutoring program open to summer campers, as well as school directed summer work. If your camper would like support for their summer reading, academic projects, or simply wants to get ahead, we can simply replace one of the regular camp activities with a school session. Please contact us for pricing.


Open to returning campers who are 15 or older and have completed at least 1 year of High School and are in good standing with their academic institution. Please fill out our CIT application, we will close enrollment once the program is full. CIT’s should be able to attend the full summer, and are expected to work alongside counselors and staff, in addition to participating in a portion of the camp activities. CIT rates are discounted proportionately with age/experience category and expected work commitment. (CIT application)

Payment Options

    Wire Transfer
    Please contact us for wire transfer instructions.

    Payment by check
    Make checks payable to Hobbit Hill and send to:
    223 Cody Embler Road, Alexander, NC 28701
    *please use certified mail or UPS for mail-in payment options as Camp Hobbit Hill cannot guarantee registration until payments are processed

    Payment by Credit Card
    Make you Camp Deposit or Pay-In-Full on our Camp Payments Page >

    Additional Information

    Transportation Services-there will be a charge of $150, each way, for airport pickup/drop off services at the Asheville airport. There will be a $250 charge for a similar service at Charlotte International Airport. Please advise us of the flight schedule one week in advance with the airline and flight information.

    Horse Shows- Our campers may choose to compete in horse shows. Please indicate if you are interested in our show program.Most shows are off property and will require additional arrangements between the camp and barn staff.

    Camp Adventures- On the application form, please indicate which outside adventures you would like your child to participate in. If you do not indicate one and decide, at a later date, that you want your child to participate in an outside camp adventure, we will need a letter of permission or at least an email to indicate that you want your child to attend the camp adventure.

    Personal Expense Account: Each camper will deposit money into a camp expense account from which we deduct fees for horse shows, canteen, camp trips, bowling, movies and rollerskating etc.  We suggest a beginning balance of $250. Add to that amount the cost of Camp Adventures that you choose for your child to participate in.  Money must be deposited in camper’s account on opening day.  Laundry: There is a $20.00 charge for laundry which is sent out each week. It will be deducted from the camp expense account.

    NOTE: A good rule of thumb is to total all of the Camp Adventures you think your camper may want to do and plan on adding that to your campers Personal Expense Account at the start of camp.

    Cancellation Policy
    Deposits are non-refundable for any reason. Camp tuition fees are non-refundable for any reason; we recommend that you procure travel interruption insurance in case your daughter cannot attend her scheduled camp session for any reason, including but not limited to sickness or injury. Our expenses are fixed in advance based on a definite number of campers for a specified time, therefore there will be no rebates or deductions taken from any fees for entering late or leaving early for any reason.  Any camper violating camp rules and regulations or using or possessing drugs or alcohol on or off premises during their stay will be expelled and their fees and expenses will not be refunded. I agree to remove my daughter upon notification if she exhibits emotional, behavioral or psychological conditions which are disruptive to the camp program or harmful to herself, without refund of any fees.  We strongly recommend that you procure Camper Cancellation Insurance in case your daughter cannot attend for any reason, including, but not limited to sickness or injury. Camp Cancellation insurance is available from CSA Travel Protection.

    Payment of Fees
    Fees are payable in accordance with the following schedule: Deposit of $250 is due on day you make your reservation online, this payment can be made on our Camp Payments page. We will hold your reservation form for three days if we do not receive your payment with the registration form. We will confirm your reservation, once we receive your deposit.  Balance of all fees is due by April 30, 2019 or prior to session start date (Whichever date comes first).  If a camper’s tuition is not paid in full by this date the camper may forfeit her reservation.  Reservations made after April 30th will be honored only if there is space available. The tuition must be paid in full at the time of reservation in order to secure the campers spot. Payments can be made by check or by wire transfer of funds or via the Camp Payments page at time of reservation.